Abortion and Who it Affects

The woman has to carry the child or abort it then become a mother if she decides to keep it or give it away for adoption.

The man is forced to go along with what the woman does and become a father and cannot opted out in any point of the process.

Who is that deal unfair to?

Abortion is a women’s rights issue as much as it is a men’s rights issue because the father has no rights and equal responsibility and that’s an issue.

You could say “No Uterus, No Opinion” but you wouldn’t be so adamant if you were the one being forced into parenthood by someone else.

It should also be noted that men do not have as many forms of effective birth control as women and that the male birth control pill has even been protested and banned by feminists groups in multiple countries.

I guess it’s only your choice for your body if you’re a woman or is it just different?